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** THIS IS A DEPOSIT ** remaining balance ($3900-$4500) will be paid before shipping or pick up of beef. Our Whole Beef Deposit allows you to reserve our pasture-raised, grass-fed beef for your family.


For an average size beef, you’ll get about 350-400 pounds boxed weight. Meat will fill 6-8 boxes requiring about 10-14 cubic feet of freezer space.


What comes with a Whole

A standard cut includes approximately;

  • 64 lbs chuck/pot roasts,
  • 23 lbs ribeye steak and/or prime rib,
  • 15 lbs back ribs,
  • 32 lbs round (minute steak/london broil),
  • 16 lbs sirloin tip (tri tip and steak),
  • 17 lbs top sirloin (steak),
  • 7 lbs tenderloin steak,
  • 30 lbs NY Strip,
  • 8 lbs flank/skirt/bavette,
  • 7 lbs brisket,
  • 16 lbs shank
  • 6 lbs boneless stew meat,
  • 145 lbs ground,
  • 2 lbs hanger steak.



**All prices include processing, dry-aging, and butchering fees. It also includes products being vac sealed into our heavy airtight freezer plastic that is built to last the test of time. We build in all the costs to give you 100% transparency and so there is no guesswork at the final cost.

Whole Beef *DEPOSIT*

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