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We are a 4th and 5th generation family ranch in Northern Colorado.

The ranch was established in 1924 by Alyssa's great-grandparents, Herman and Myrtle Schroeder. Throughout the history of the ranch chickens, dairy cattle, wheat, horses, golden retrievers, beef cattle, sheep, and dairy goats have all been raised.

Currently, John and Alyssa raise commercial beef and lambs. Our calves are Angus x Gelbvieh. We raise the calves for about 18 months before they are ready for your freezer. They are primarily fed grass, but during the winter months they are supplemented with hay, range cubes (a source of protein), and whole corn.

Our lambs are 

Rambouillet X Hampshire.

We lamb in May and the lambs are raised by their mothers on milk and grass. Lambs are ready for processing usually around September or October. If we keep them during the winter months they are fed hay.

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