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  • How long have you been raising beef and lamb?
    We have been raising beef and lamb since we could walk. We have had our own operation for 10 years in Northern Colorado.
  • Is your meat lean?
    Grass fed and grass finished animals are very lean but still have great flavor and tenderness. You do have to be conscientious about not over cooking it.
  • Where is your Ranch Located?
    We are located in Northern Colorado about 20 min NE of the town of Wellington.
  • Is it too expensive?
    Your actually saving huge on the price per lb. and look at this as a preventative medicine to what you will spend on your health. Buying in bulk can save the average person hundred to thousands of dollars per year. Our beef pricing comes out to be $15.00/lb of packaged weight and the lamb comes out to be $20.00/lb of packaged weight. Pricing includes shipping straight to your door step so you don't have to spend that time shopping at the store and wondering about the quality of the meat your buying.
  • What if I have 100 lbs of meat and I don't like it.
    We have a 100% money back guarantee. Please contact us to discuss options.
  • How long will my meat last in the freezer?
    According to USDA, frozen meat should last several years as long as it stays frozen and the packaging stays sealed. ( Your meat will be vacuum packed). We hope that you will be having lots of connection around the dinner table with family and friends and won't need to test how long your meat will stay good in the freezer!
  • Do you use hormones on your animals?
    We do not use any added hormones on our animals.
  • How old are the animals when they are processed
    Our animals are 24 months or less when they go in to be processed.
  • How much is in each size and how long will that last me?
    Single Couple Family of 4 Family of 6 2 Meals/wk 1/8th beef 1/4 beef 1/2 beef 3/4 beef 4 Meals/wk 1/4 beef 1/2 beef Whole 1-1/2 beef 6 Meals/wk 3/8 beef 3/4 beef 1-1/2 beef 2-1/4 beef 1/8th beef= 40-50 lbs 1/4 beef= 90-100 lbs 1/2 beef= 180-200 lbs Whole beef= 360-400 lbs
  • How will I receive my beef
    Your meat will be tightly packed into an insulated/lined box weighing about 50 lbs at most. You will receive the following number of boxes at your doorstep: 1/8th beef=1 box 1/4 beef= 2 boxes 1/2 beef =4 boxes Whole beef= 8 boxes.
  • How does it work to pre-order and buy in bulk?
    Step 1: Place about a 50% deposit on your choice of an Eighth (50 - 60 lbs), Quarter (100 - 120 lbs), Half (200 - 240 lbs) or a Whole Beef (400-480 lbs). With the lamb we offer Half (12-20 lbs) or a Whole lamb ( 30-40 lbs) Step 2: Choose to pick it up at the Greeley Farmers Market or have it SHIPPED FOR FREE! (insert happy dance!) We will notify you and keep you updated every step of the way! Step 3: We continue to raise your beef and lambs for you on the lush country pastures of the Eastern Plains and keep you involved every step of the way by giving you updates on what stage of the process your beef and/or Lamb is in :-) Step 4: Our craft butchers dry-age your beef for 14-21 days and the lamb for 7 days which makes for amazing flavor and tenderness. Once packed, frozen, and ready for pick up or shipping, you will receive an invoice for the balance due and schedule your pickup or confirm you will be home to receive it via shipping. THAT'S IT! YOU'RE READY TO SUPPORT LOCAL RANCHING AND ENJOY LOCAL GRASS RAISED BEEF AND LAMB! WE WILL KEEP YOU IN THE LOOP EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
  • How much freezer space will I need?
    You can anticipate that for each cubic foot of freezer space, it will hold 35-40 lbs of meat. The average under fridge freezer is about 8 Cubic Feet. The average above fridge freezer is about 5 cubic feet. Beef Lamb Whole- 16-18 cubic feet Whole- 2-3 cubic feet Half- 6.5-8.5 cubic feet Half- 1 cubic foot Quarter- 4-5 cubic feet
  • Will buying Beef in bulk be too much meat?
    According to USDA statistics, the average person eats 55-60 lbs of meat in a year. We have a quick reference table under the tab "Buying Meat in Bulk" then sub tab "Buyers guide to help you decide how much beef to buy.
  • What is a good cut to start with to try lamb if I'm not sure I will like it.
    You can start with some ground lamb and substitute it for beef in almost any recipe. Another good choice is stew meat or lamb chops.
  • How do you cook Lamb
    You can cook lamb very similar to beef. Grill it, smoke it, crock pot, oven baked. There are many great recipes for lamb at You can also head over to our recipe page for some ideas.
  • How much do the lambs weigh when they are taken in for processing?
    Our goal is to have lambs weighing between 110 lbs-125lbs. However, we can work with you if you would like lighter lambs.
  • Unsure of how to use all the different variety of cuts?
    We will be posting awesome recipes on our website as well as including different ideas in our newsletter that is E-mailed out. Please sign up to receive our newsletter or check out our recipe page on the website.
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